Outdoor = Outdoor. Cooking With Salomon in The Woods Is Everything.
style • 10.06.2024

Outdoor = Outdoor. Cooking With Salomon in The Woods Is Everything.

Photography: MenWithThePot

Our Insta explore section got different. From sneakers to dudes cooking outdoor. That’s the outdoor we like, so we sent some Salomon to Slawek Kalkraut and Krzysztof Szymanski, two Polish friends living in Ireland. You must know them as MenWithThePot.

Taking the web by storm, the two have more than 2M followers on Instagram and over 14M on Tiktok. They share their love for mouth watering dishes, all rigorously cooked in the wild. It takes lots of knowledge to carefully do so in such settings it seems, and a great respect for nature. They totally made it on our fyp.

At its core, Salomon believes that a deeper connection with nature and people makes us better, and we agree. What better grip could we offer the two, if not the Salomon Speedcross 3? Outdoor = Outdoor. Finally we can see the shoes in the landscape they were meant for, not just in the streets during FW (sue us). But this is not about performance, this is about leisure and nature. With leisure comes costume and that’s where we can offer you our perspective.

Let’s be serious for a second. With Salomon we want to reflect on alternative perspectives that put nature and its beauty in dialogue with us all. These aren’t novel, they seem to offer a return to bygone eras and we like that. This “new nature” is experienced with almost primitive tools and shared with people via social media. N