CULTURE       20.04.21


Words by Costanza Candeloro

Video by Simone Rovellini

Arpabong presents:

Biosystematic Survery of 150 leaves of Cannabis Indica on Music Record


Format One side 7” Clear Vinyl
Music by Panoram: A1 Fading Solid, A2 Deloyd
Each record includes a real leaf of Cannabis
Additional Object 1 Fresnel Lens Card
Each record looks different since every leaf has unique color, size and positioning Limited Edition of 150 (one per customer)
Handmade in Italy

Through the help of a physical form of recording and transmission - vinyl - the object aims to create an hybridised format, where sounds correlate with the existence, alterations and conformation of plants organisms.

A living herbarium sublimating indexing data and plant specimens with euphony. Two tracks as two parallel modes of growth, amplifying natural systemic environments with harmonic lounging. The musical carrier is a testimony to multicellular sound storage and naturalistic assonances. Life forms and attached information merge in a sonic mash-up re-linking to the inexorable pluralism of florae, order, listening statics and scientific protocols evolve into a bio-acoustic morphology.

Each item is composed of a vinyl, a fresnel lens - a device used for plant observation - and a real cannabis leaf. The object melts vinyl material with organic elements and their constant mutation: leaves dry, some undergo colour changes, some don’t. All these progressive processes will drive the listening experience into the unexpected and unrepeatable natural states.